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How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist – Sunnyvale, CA

What Should You Look for During Your Search?

Woman researching a cosmetic dentist in Sunnyvale

While there are many specialties recognized by the American Dental Association, cosmetic dentistry is surprisingly not one of them. If you visit a dentist and they call themselves a “cosmetic dentist”, just keep in mind that unless they have some way to prove that they are experienced in cosmetic enhancements for your smile, it’s just a self-proclaimed title. When you’re searching for the right cosmetic dentist for your needs, consider the tips below to aid you during your research. If you need additional guidance or are ready to set up an appointment, call our office today!

Training in Procedures

If you know what kind of treatment you’re going to need for your cosmetic smile enhancement, you’ll want to make sure that the dentist not only offers the service, but knows how to provide it effectively. Whether you want porcelain veneers, Invisalign, teeth whitening, or all of the above, don’t be afraid to ask the dentist how much experience they have in providing these treatments to patients. If they have previous patient examples they can point to, take a look at them as well so you can better set expectations.

Office Hours and Location

There’s no point in having a cosmetic dentist that’s never open when you have free time to visit. Pay close attention to their current hours of operation and make sure that you’ll be able to set up enough appointments to discuss and complete your cosmetic treatments. This is especially important for treatments that you know will either require multiple visits or take several months to complete. Furthermore, if you plan on visiting often, the dentist should be somewhat nearby so you don’t find yourself making excuses to not visit.

Listening to Your Needs

Is the dentist willing to listen to your specific smile goals, or are they more inclined to tell you what they think you need to achieve the smile you’re looking for? If a dentist is pushing treatments that you don’t want or insisting that treatment be performed a certain way, it may be better to find someone else who will actually accommodate your needs.

Dental Technology

In some cases, certain technology is needed in order to guarantee the best outcome possible for your cosmetic treatment. For example, does the dentist have an intraoral camera for highly detailed viewing? Are they using a digital impression scanner to ensure the best-fitting restorations possible? These can all improve the results of your future smile moving forward.

Smile Galleries and Reviews

Any cosmetic dentistry worth their salt is more than prepared to show previous cases where a patient requested cosmetic dentistry of some kind. For example, Dr. Piccione features a smile gallery on his page for more detailed viewing. Furthermore, you should always take a look at the dentist’s online reviews. Here, you may even find patients detailing their experience specifically around cosmetic treatments and whether the dentist actually listened to their concerns.

Smile Makeover Treatments

In many cases, a smile makeover is necessary to address all of your concerns. For example, some teeth may only need professional whitening, while other teeth might need a porcelain veneer to effectively be restored. Talk to your dentist directly about smile makeovers and how they build treatment plans to make them happen.