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Invisalign for Crowded Teeth – Sunnyvale, CA

Creating Space Using Clear Aligners

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If you feel as if you are the only person with crowded teeth, trust us when we say, you are not alone. This common orthodontic problem is prevalent in both teenagers and adults and causes the same problems among both demographics – low self-esteem, tooth decay, and gum disease. While in the past, traditional metal braces were the only way to remedy this type of problem, a new, more advanced solution is now available – Invisalign in Sunnyvale. Dr. Michael Piccione understands that having a healthy, beautiful smile is important but so is receiving treatment without compromising your daily appearance. Through the use of clear aligners, he and his team can give your teeth the space they need and have you well on your way to an improved smile in no time at all. To find out if you qualify for Invisalign, contact our office today.

What Can Happen if Crowded Teeth are Left Untreated?

Crowded teeth

Crowded teeth that are left untreated can result in:

  • Tooth decay/Cavities
  • Gum disease
  • Misaligned bite

Because the inadequate space makes it difficult to thoroughly clean and remove harmful bacteria and food particles from between your teeth, this makes you more susceptible to decay and cavities as well as gum disease. Not to mention, when teeth erupt into an area that has no available space, this can cause your natural teeth to shift and push out of alignment, creating problems for your bite and lead to chronic jaw pain and excessive wear and tear on your teeth.

How Can Invisalign Help Treat Crowded Teeth?

A woman holding a clear aligner

Invisalign uses clear aligners to gently move teeth in a way that creates the necessary space your mouth needs to form a healthy and proper aligned smile. Your cosmetic dentist in Sunnyvale will discuss your goals and provide a thorough treatment plan during an initial consultation. Once impressions are taken of your smile, they will be sent to a dental laboratory where technicians will work to create your custom-made aligners.

Once they are ready for pick-up, you will receive your trays and instructions on how to wear them and for how long each day. It is suggested that you wear your aligners for 20-22 hours every day, only taking them out to eat, drink, or clean them. You will also be expected to return to our office every 4-6 weeks so Dr. Piccione can check your progress and provide you with additional trays.

Timelines may vary among patients because everyone’s individual case is different. Depending on the complexity of your orthodontic problem, you may need to wear your aligners between 9 and 18 months, which is significantly less time than if you were to wear traditional metal braces.