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Oral Cancer Screenings

Smiling woman in dental chairOral cancer includes that of the lips, mouth, tongue, throat, gums, and face. Its rates are dramatically increasing across the US and around the world. Early diagnosis of oral cancer is critical for its successful treatment. When caught in its earliest stages, chances of effective treatment drastically improve.

Most people who develop oral cancer are smokers or tobacco users. The risk greatly increases when tobacco is combined with heavy alcohol consumption. Talk to your doctor about quitting smoking if you are ready but unsure how to go about it or have not had luck in the past.

Your doctor will provide a thorough oral cancer screening at the end of your checkup and cleaning. During the screening, we will look for irregularities that can denote oral cancer, including…

When the disease is caught during the early stages, oral cancer treatment is generally very effective.

What to Expect From an Oral Cancer Screening

The examination for oral cancer is completely painless. To perform a screening, Dr. Michael Piccione will examine the face, cheeks, glands, and neck for any irregular bumps. We may use lasers to check for irregularities that are not visible to the naked eye.

If we do identify suspicious areas, we will put together a plan for diagnosing the area with a diagnostic impression. If that method is ineffective, we will recommend a biopsy of the area.

No matter the outcome of your oral cancer screening, you can feel comforted knowing Dr. Piccione, and our entire team are here with you every step of the way. Have you had an oral cancer screening lately? If not, please get in touch with us to schedule one in Sunnyvale today.