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TMJ Therapy

Man in dental chair holding cheekIf you have a clicking, popping, or aching jaw, you may be suffering from temporomandibular joint dysfunction syndrome(TMJ/TMD). It is a common condition characterized by a number of uncomfortable symptoms, including headaches, migraines, and ringing in the ears. Unfortunately, most people who suffer from TMD are unaware that their problem is treatable — and that their dentist in Sunnyvale can provide much-needed help.

Why does your dentist treat TMJ/TMD?

Your comfort and general wellbeing are at the heart of our practice — and so if you have facial pain that’s related to your jaw, we are prepared to help. Dr. Michael Piccione can diagnose and treat TMJ/TMD using advanced technology and our expert approach.

Treating TMJ/TMD

After we correctly diagnose TMJ/TMD, we will take one of several approaches to provide you with relief from your chronic pain. First of all, a custom-fitted mouthguardcanhelp protect the teeth from nighttime teeth grinding. Additionally, we may recommend a bite relationship analysis. If your teeth are out of alignment and your upper and lower jaw don’t fit together properly, we may suggest an occlusal adjustment.To achieve this treatment, we will adjust how the upper teeth come together with the lower teeth. New restorations may be added or we may remove a sliver of tooth enamel from certain teeth. This procedure is completely painless and has a high rate of success.

Every TMJ/TMD treatment can be tailored specifically to each patient’s needs. If you can’t find relief from your clicking, popping, or aching jaw, it may be time to seek professional help. Schedule an appointment with your Sunnyvale dentist today!